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Vegetables that are high in calcium

If you are looking for non-dairy source of calcium you are at the right place! A common belief is that calcium is available only in milk, cheese or other animal-based products. However, this is so far from the truth! There are many vegetables which offer high amounts of calcium, required to meet your dietary requirements. Including leafy greens, legumes and different other calcium rich vegetables in your diet can not only support good bone health but also provide your body with many vital nutrients. In this article, we shall understand a little more in detail about the importance of calcium and check out some of the vegetables high in calcium.

Calcium is an important mineral to maintain the health of bones, teeth and blood. It is the most abundantly found compound in the body, with the bones comprises of 90% of calcium. For the body to absorb calcium, vitamins D is important, which can gain from supplements and sunlight. There are many foods in the market that are rich in calcium. The chief sources of calcium are dairy products include seafood, vegetables, fruits, tofu and fortified food.


Bones form one of the most vital structures in our body. Hence keeping them filled with calcium is extremely necessary. collard greens are a rich source of vitamin A and contain good proportions of calcium as well. Proper intake of this vegetables can provide our body with good sources of calcium. One cup of collard greens contains more than 350 milligrams of calcium.


kale is one of the healthiest vegetables containing calcium along with other valuable minerals and natural elements. The calcium content in kale is absorbable. This vegetables has 45 distinct varieties of flavonoids and will serve you with antioxidant benefits. This is one of the high in calcium vegetables along with other nutrients.

Broccoli comes with good amounts of proteins and calcium. These vegetables can provide your body with a number of mineral and valuable elements which will help you grow. Broccoli comes with dietary fiber, folate and vitamins such as A, C and K along with 75 milligrams of calcium. No other vegetables are high in calcium like this Broccoli.


This is another protein and calcium rich vegetable which should be consumed daily. Spinach is an incredibly useful vegetable which contains about 6 milligrams of calcium. This vegetable can boost your immunity quickly because of the contents of useful vitamins such as A, K, etc. Spinach also comes with sufficient amounts of manganese.


The green portions of turnip are a rich in calcium. One cup of chopped turnip greens contains about 105 milligrams of calcium. These vegetables are very good for health and can provide you with good quality proteins and vitamins. Most of the people prefer this vegetable for cooking which is high in calcium along with some other healthy vitamins.


Soy beans come with 175 milligrams of calcium per cup serving. However people suffering from certain diseases cannot eat this food as they might be harmful to your health. only 100% organic soybean will be healthy for you. This is one of the best vegetables high in calcium.


Garlic is good for health and is necessary for adding a little taste to a number of dishes. When it comes to calcium, garlic contains about 5 milligrams of calcium per clove which is equal to 181 milligrams of calcium of per 100 gram serving. This is one of the excellent calcium rich vegetables.


Arugula contains about 3.2 milligrams of calcium per cup. Arugula is the healthiest food also. This contains vitamins, antioxidants and minerals are very helpful to health. This food has low calories which can be digested easily. This is one of the ideal vegetables rich in calcium.


Watercress is one such amazing vegetables that is very good for the body when it comes to providing excellent calcium intake that are very effective towards strengthening your bones. One of the best things about watercress is that you can easily just include it into your diet at any point in time and enjoy the result that it has to offer quite effectively. Watercress can be easily found at any departmental stone or wholesale food market at affordable prices so there is nothing to worry about when looking for high octane calcium rich vegetables.


Though this  is a seasonal vegetables eating it at the right time will easily provide for you all additional calcium that you need so as to lead a healthy life. You can purchase mustard greens from any departmental store at affordable prices and it can be incorporated into your diet on a daily basis with no hiccups. Enjoy mustard greens as part of your main course on a daily basis to enjoy a very appropriate intake of calcium for the development of your body.


This normally refers to the leaves of the beetroot which obviously can be enjoyed as a very nutritious food source especially when it comes to calcium intake for the body. You can add it as a top of to any good dish or even make a very tasty dish out of it itself for the most desired effect. So, enjoy beet greens today by purchasing it from any well established departmental store in the country for calcium sources vegetarian.


A famous Chinese vegetable Bok Choy or Pak Choi can be cooked very fast and tastes absolutely brilliant with a dash of garlic and olive oil. Enjoy Pak Choi at least once a day for the most desired result. I is a part of high calcium vegetables which is exactly what your body needs when you are looking for something to help balance the calcium levels in your body.


One of the best garnishes in the book spring onions are a very strong source of vegetable rich in calcium as well and the fact that you can eat this vegetables raw provides for a direct provision of strong calcium to your body.


Leek is also a kind of spinach that would taste great when cooked with olive oil ginger and garlic. It is one of the world’s foremost calcium provision vegetables making it is last on the list of calcium rich vegetables but not the least.

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